Konstantinos Tzirakis

Dr. Konstantinos Tzirakis is a Post-Doctoral research fellow at the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics, FORTH. He received B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics (2005), in Mathematics (2009), and M.Sc. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (2007) from University of Crete. He received his PhD for his work entitled “Improving sharp interpolated Hardy-trace Hardy inequalities and Hardy inequalities for fractional Laplacians on bounded domains”, under the supervision of Prof. Achilles Tertikas, University of Crete. Dr. Konstantinos Tzirakis has postdoctoral/academic experience as a Research Fellow of Center for Mathematical Modeling and Data Science, at Osaka University (Japan), and as Adjunct Lecturer at Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of University of Crete as well as Department of Mathematics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research interests include Applied Mathematical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and Calculus of Variations. His current research focuses on dynamics, analysis and simulation for phase transitions.

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