Innovation and Entrepreneurship

It is FORTH´s constitutional mission to serve the world of knowledge and the associated economic and societal needs at national and European level, by conducting fundamental and applied research in a broad spectrum of sciences:  the study of matter and materials (at nano, micro and macro level) and their interaction with light, the exploration of the bio-world, the investigation of the informatics highways, the mathematical leveraging of life are employed as critical tools for growth, development and solutions for key societal priorities: health, energy, environment, culture, entrepreneurship.

The sequence research, innovation, growth can only be served by ensuring and building the skills of young researchers, on one hand, and by strengthening the capacity of established Centers of Excellence, on the other. The support of a training and educational program, particularly in a period of sparseness of resources, has a multi-fold effect:

  • Support the “locomotives” of middle and long term growth in the country
  • Build innovation prospects by cultivating entrepreneurial spirit in the research community
  • Introduce skillful young scientists to the job market and the national economy
  • Provide leadership training to skillful young scientists
  • Provide business mentorship to your researchers

The mid-term goal of this part of the project is to inspire concrete initiatives and stimulate young researchers in the direction of entrepreneurship, building upon the know-how to be developed. It must be mentioned at this point that the selection of the project topics is ideal for this approach, considering their societal impact and the concomitant expansion of market opportunities in the near future.