“Geophysics for Archaeology” ..from the Fundamentals to Future Perspectives.. , Dr. Melda KÜÇÜKDEMİRCİ, [Oct 23, 2018]

Tuesday 23 October 2018 16:00 – 17:00 Seminar Room 1

“Geophysics for Archaeology” ..from the Fundamentals to Future Perspectives..

Dr. Melda KÜÇÜKDEMİRCİ Institute of Mediterranean Studies (IMS)

Scientist from all around the world promoted an increasing specialization in geophysical survey techniques, data processing and interpretation that resulted in a well-defined discipline called Archaeological Geophysics and it is one of the most valuable tools in the hands of Archaeologists to define the physical and geometric properties of unseen buried structures under the ground. Development of data processing, image visualization techniques, 3D image display ways makes the researchers from other disciplines understand the geophysical data and results easier. Besides, qualitative and quantitative integration approaches are found very useful to achieve complementary and improved information about the buried archaeological target. Recently, the use of artificial intelligence for digital image processing has opened new research prospects also for geophysics. Especially automated image segmentation has become a very important task in today’s scenario for many disciplines as medicine, remote sensing so forth. Segmentation refers to the process of partitioning a digital image into multiple regions and representation of the image in that way is thought to be useful for objective analysis of geophysical maps during the interpretation. In this presentation, the applications of data integration approaches and first attempts on image segmentation approach by using artificial neural networks will be discussed.

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