Fotios Paloukis

Dr., Fotios Paloukis, Chemical Engineer, Postdoctoral researcher at FORTH/ICEHT. Master and PhD in the “Energy and Environment ”in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras. He has gained research experience in international and national scientific institutions (CNRS Strasbourg, University of Patras, FORTH/ICEHT). His research interests focus on the fields of Physicochemical characterization of catalysts by means of XRD , XPS/UPS and   SEM/TEM, In situ electrochemical and physicochemical characterization of catalysts by means of NAP-XPS at several Synchrotrons (ALBA-Barcelona, BESSY-Berlin, SOLEIL-Paris), Synthesis and characterization of catalytic systems for Fuel Cells applications, Electrochemical study of Fuel Cells (PEMFC and SOFC) and PEM Electrolyser, Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for Batteries (Li-ion batteries). He has participated in International and Greek conferences. He has 30 refereed journal papers (with total citations >450) ; 1 patent applications.

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