ARCHERS CONFERENCE, December 6-8, 2021


The ARCHERS Conference is being organized during December 6-8, 2021 on the occasion of the successful completion of the Project ARCHERS (“Advancing Young Researchers’ Human Capital in Cutting Edge Technologies in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and the Tackling of Societal Challenges”), which has been implemented with the exclusive grant of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). This final Conference aims to demonstrate the results achieved through the project and the contribution of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation to the Greek Research Community.

The Objective of the project was to support Early Stage Researchers and to educate and train young scientists in the cutting edge technologies, in which the Institutes of FORTH excel both on the national and the international level, thus, contributing towards reversing of brain drain or, even better, at promoting brain circulation. We proposed to accomplish these objectives via the inter-disciplinary research within the high-quality competitive research activities of the Institutes of FORTH. The areas of interest were the preservation of cultural heritage and the tackling of societal challenges, like environment, clean energy and health.

The SNF Funding allowed us to offer post-doctoral Fellowships for a total of 80.19 person-years as well as PhD Fellowships for 68.78 person-years for PhD Candidates following open calls and candidates’ evaluation. Moreover, we organized 50 Seminars within the ARCHERS Seminar Series and 4 Workshops, one for each of the areas of interest.



Conference program [All times are in Eastern European Time (UTC+2)]

[Download Program in PDF ]


Monday, December 6, 2021

Opening Session

16:00– 16:15 Opening remarks

Nektarios Tavernarakis, Chairman, Board of Directors of FORTH
Eleni Agouridi, Senior Program Officer, Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)


16:15 – 16:45 Reporting on the outcome of the project ARCHERS

Spiros Anastasiadis, ARCHERS project coordinator, Director of FORTH-IESL

16:45 – 17:30 Education to Enterprise

Emmanuel P. Giannelis,
Walter R. Read Professor of Engineering, Vice President for Research and Innovation, Cornell University, USA


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Session 1: Cultural Heritage (Chairs: D. Anglos, A. Sarris)


10:00 – 10:30 Investigating the palaeotsunami record of Crete (Greece) – case studies from the southwestern and northern coasts

Andreas Vött,
Institute of Geography, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany
10:30 – 10:50 Ancient mitogenomics of the extinct Cypriot pygmy hippopotamus
Nikos Psonis,
10:50 – 11:10 Working on the mountains, working with the mountains. Archaeology in uplands

Gianluca Cantoro,
IMS, FORTH [Researcher, Institute for Heritage Science, CNR, Rome]
11:10 – 11:40 The Aigina harbour-city Project 2019-2023: Underwater archaeological research and interdisciplinary methodological issues

Kalliopi Baika, Aix-Marseille Université

11:40 – 12:00 Short break 


Session 2: Health (Chairs: I. Talianidis, P. Poirazi)


12:00-12:30 The genomic aetiology of osteoarthritis

Eleftheria Zeggini,
Institute of Translational Genomics, Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany
12:30-12:50 Targeting Plasmodium oocyst rupture for antimalarial strategies development

Chiara Curra,
12:50-13:10 Neuronal ATG1 coordinates autophagy induction with physiological adaptations against impaired brain metabolism

Thanos Metaxakis, IMBB, FORTH

13:10-13:30 Towards deep learning applications with biological dendrites

Spyridon Chavlis,
13:30 – 14:00 Short break 


Session 3: Sustainability (Chairs: S. Anastasiadis, M. Daletou)


14:00-14:30 Making science work for refugees and refugees work for science

Antony J. Ryan, OBE,
Department of Chemistry and The Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, University of Sheffield, U.K.
14:30-14:50 Polymer nanocomposites for breathable applications

Konstantinos Andrikopoulos,
ICE-HT, FORTH [Assoc. Professor, Department of Physics, Univ. of Patras]
14:50-15:10 Simulation of transport and reaction processes in porous membranes

Eugene Skouras,
ICE-HT, FORTH & Associate Professor DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, School of Engineering, University of the Peloponnese
15:10-15:30 High performance solid polymer electrolytes for energy storage

Emmanouil Glynos, IESL, FORTH [Assist. Professor, Department of Materials Science and Technology, Univ. of Crete]

15:30 – 16:00 Short break 


Session 4: Health 2 (Chairs: M. Antona, G. Filippidis)


16:00-16:30 Take a bite on 3D emulation systems for dissecting Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) action in healthy, injured and regenerated teeth

Thimios A. Mitsiadis,
Institute of Oral Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich, Switzerland
16:30-16:50 How visual short-term memories are encoded in the brain?

Panos Sapountzis,
16:50-17:10 Nonlinear microscopy as diagnostic tool for the discrimination of activated T cells

Evangelia Gavgiotaki,
IESL, FORTH [Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School]
17:10-17:30 Artificial intelligence & medicine: Towards a deeply intertwined relation

Eleftherios Trivizakis, ICS, FORTH


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Session 5: Environment (Chairs: C. Aggelopoulos, E. Skarsoulis)


10:00-10:30 Photocatalytic materials and hollow structures

Klara Hernadi,
Institute of Physical Metallurgy, Metal Forming and Nanotechnology, University of Miskolc
10:30-10:50 Imaging in waveguides

Simos Papadimitropoulos,
10:50-11:10 Classification of acoustic and seismic signals

Constantine Smaragdakis, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Crete & Institute of Geodynamics, National Observatory of Athens.

11:10-11:30 Intense terahertz waves and applications

Anastasios D. Koulouklidis,
11:40 – 12:00 Short break


Session 6: Energy (Chairs: S. Neophytides, M. Daletou)


12:00-12:30 Data-Enhanced Multiscale Theory of Operando Energy Conversion Systems

Karsten Reuter,
Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin, Germany
12:30-12:50 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy analysis of Oxygen Reduction Reaction mechanism and energetics for Fuel Cells

Panagiotis Giotakos,
12:50-13:10 Laser-assisted graphene growth for energy storage applications

Nikolaos Samartzis,
13:10-13:30 Biochar materials for electrochemical energy storage devices

Ioanna Papavasileiou,
13:30-13:50 Engineering quantum states in atomically-thin semiconductors

Ioannis Paradeisanos, IESL, FORTH [INSA, Toulouse]

13:50 – 14:30 Short break

 Session 7: From Innovation to Exploitation (Chairs: S. Anastasiadis, E. Stratakis)


14:30-15:00 Innovation in the real world

Aristos Doxiadis,
Partner Big Pi Ventures & Vice Chair of the National Council for Research and Innovation, Greece
15:00-15:20 Polaritonics in view

Simeon Tsintzos,
IESL, FORTH [QUBITECH, Athens, Greece]
15:20-15:40 Nanomaterials for healthy indoor/outdoor environments: The case of PCNano Materials

Vassilios Binas,
IESL, FORTH / PCNano Materials
15:40-16:00 The history of oil exploration in Greece

Christos Karampatsos,
Department of History and Philosophy of Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens & Adjunct Faculty and Department of Electrical Engineering, University of West Attica
16:00-16:20 Inter-political strategies of innovation in Greece during the 20th century: Intellectual property and technical standardization

Spyros Tzokas,
16:20 – 17:30 Round Table Discussion 


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