Antonia Marazioti

Dr Antonia Marazioti, Biologist, Postdoctoral Researcher at FORTH/ICEHT. Master and PhD in Neurosciences in the Department of Medicine, University of Crete. She has gained research experience in national scientific institutions (University of Crete, Athens and Patras and FORTH/ICEHT). Her research interests focus on the fields of Neurosciences, Thoracic Cancer Biology, angiogenesis and immune response during cancer progression and Nanomedicine for effective and targeted drug delivery in the CNS and diseased pleural cavity. In parallel, she has teaching experience in Human Physiology for many academic years (2009-present, University of Patras). She has participated in International and National conferences. She has participated in 4 Conferences as an invited speaker. She has 26 refereed journal papers ( with total citations >680. She has participated in 3 book chapters. She has gained 4 Young Scientist Sponsorships for participation in conferences, 1 Research Award by the Hellenic Association for Molecular Cancer Research and Herakleitos I Research Scholarship for completing PhD

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